How to Work with Wix Themes

Weebly and Jimdo provide flexible ways to work with web templates (to learn more about these, check out my Weebly website templates and Jimdo templates tutorials)

But when we talk about online website builders, it is crazy not to mention Wix.


Introduction to Wix Themes

Out of all the online site builder theme pages I have checked so far, Wix’s theme selection seems to be the most extensive:

Wix themes page

According to Wix and what I have seen on their website, they have hundreds of themes available.

To improve the browsing experience, the themes page has been divided into 16 categories (at the time of writing). One nice addition to the categories is the Landing Pages. So, if you are about to build this type of page, your needs are covered, too.

What’s even more exciting is that Wix has additionally divided their templates into New, Most Popular, and Blank Templates categories. 

Yes, they even have multiple blank template options to choose from, and this will give you some additional ideas on how to design your site, in case you run into a creative block.

Picking a theme is easy, but before we do that, I’ll cover some basic theme information first. 

First, when your mouse pointer is not hovering the template thumbnail, it looks like this:

Theme unhovered

So, nothing special here: Just the thumbnail and the name of the theme.

However, when you hover your mouse pointer over a particular theme, new information becomes available to you:

Theme hovered

First, you see the price of the theme. Your site is also shown how it would look through a mobile device.

You can then pick a theme for your use by clicking Edit or if you want to peek at it, just click View.

Finally, you can click the Info link at the bottom-left, which gives you a bit of generic information about the theme:

Theme info

That’s the basics of theme information. In the following sections, I’ll go through different ways of working with the themes that Wix provides.

Interacting with Wix Themes

With Wix, there are four ways to work with themes:

  1. Picking a theme when building a new website.
  2. Creating a website with a blank template.
  3. Wix ADI.
  4. Wix Code.

What is noticeable, though, is that some options which are possible with other site builders, are not present here. For instance, once you have selected a theme for your website, you can’t change the theme afterwards.

Also, I’m not covering Wix Code here, as it falls outside the scope of this post.

Building a New Website

One natural place to work with templates is when you create a new website. And to create a new website, you’ll have to take the following steps:

1) Sign in to your Wix account, and click the Plus icon:

Plus sign

2) Choose the type of site you want to create:

Choose site type

3) Next, choose in which way you want the site to be created. In this case, I chose the Wix Editor and clicked the Choose a Template button (well look at the Wix ADI option later):

Choose site creation method

4) I then chose the template for this demo:

Pick the template

5) I clicked the Edit button, to move the template to the editor. It took a moment until the theme was loaded. Once the process was finished, the template was ready for editing:

Template chosen

6) Once you have done your changes, click the Save button at the top.

New Website with a Blank Template

As mentioned, Wix doesn’t include just one blank template, but many. To access them, follow these simple steps.

Please note that some of the steps are the same as when creating a new website. Therefore, I’m not repeating every single of them in this section:

1) Sign in to your Wix account and click the Plus icon.

2) Choose the type of site you want to create.

3) Next, choose in which way you want the site to be created. In this case, I chose the Wix Editor and clicked the Choose a Template button (well look at the Wix ADI option later).

4) Choose the Blank Templates navigation item on the left sidebar:

Blank template menu

5) Choose any of the blank template options as you wish. For this demo, I chose the one without any elements on it:

Blank template options

6) Start adding elements to your site and make sure to save your changes, by clicking the Save button at the top:

Save button

Templates with Wix ADI

There is one special type of way to interact with Wix themes. 

So, why is it special? Well, because Wix creates this template for you on the fly. This technology is called Wix ADI, and the ADI part stands for Artificial Design Intelligence.

In short, you answer a couple of questions that ADI asks you, and the site is created for you based on those answers. With this approach, you are (at least according to Wix) to get a unique-looking site, created just for you.

Check out the video I have recorded on this topic earlier:

However, if you’d like to follow written steps on how to use the ADI, here they are. And as a side note, I’m not including all the steps here (especially the first few ones) since they are the same as when creating a new website.

1) Sign in to your Wix account and click the Plus icon.

2) Choose the type of site you want to create.

3) Next, choose in which way you want the site to be created. In this case, I chose the Wix ADI option and clicked the Start Now button:

Start now

4) Wix asks you to what industry your site belongs to. In this case, I chose Consulting Firm and clicked Next:

Wix type Of business

5) I was then asked if my website needs any additional features. I didn’t choose any of the options and just clicked Next:

Website additional features

6) Wix asked the name of my website. I typed Timo’s IT Business Firm, and clicked Next:

Name of the website

7) Next, I was asked about my business location. For this demonstration, I didn’t choose anything, and I skipped this step:

Business location

8) Finally, I was asked to review the basic information on my site. Once I had done that, I clicked Next:

Review site info

9) Wix ADI was able to start soon. I just clicked Start on this screen:

Wix ADI start

10) I chose the preferred style for my site and clicked Continue:

Pick a style

11) Wix was now ready to start creating my website. I confirmed this by clicking the Create My Website button:

Create my site

12) Wix ADI started processing the information I gave to it. Once this was finished, it had built a site for me, based on my preferences:

Finished site

13) I was then ready to start tweaking the design for my needs.

14) Once all the changes were made, I clicked the Save button.

Finding Templates Outside Wix

Ok, so you already know that there are plenty of templates available on the Wix template page. But what if you are still not satisfied with what it has to offer?

No worries, because there are places outside the Wix where you can also find premium templates for your site.

For instance, you could look at the Premium Wix Templates, which includes some stunning-looking themes for your Wix site:

Premium Wix templates

Or if that is not enough, you can also go Wix Pro Themes, which also has some very cool looking templates:

Wix Pro Themes

Please note that I haven’t tested these providers myself.


Wix lacks some of the options that are available to other online site builders. For instance, you can’t change a template after choosing one at the beginning of the design process.

Then again, Wix has more than enough of templates to choose from. They even have more than just one blank template available. So, you can take full advantage of your creativity when designing your site.

Finally, if you think that the templates that Wix provides are not enough, you can always find additional premium templates by looking at sites like Wix Pro Themes or Premium Wix Templates.


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