Squarespace Cover Pages: What? Why? How?

There is a special type of website that you have probably visited multiple times before. However, this special website is different from a regular website or a blog. So what is this special website? 


It is called “The Landing Pages”. And where Squarespace is concerned, The Landing Pages are called Squarespace Cover Pages.

A landing page (or Cover Page) is a site which most often serves for one purpose: to make you take action in a special way. There could be other types of landing pages (as you will see in this article), but the type mentioned above is probably the most common there is.

It’s great to know that it’s possible to build this kind of page with Squarespace, too. Therefore, in this article, I’m going to tell you what the cover pages are and how to work with them.

Squarespace Cover Pages Introduced

Squarespace offers multiple types of Cover Pages that you can take advantage of. The Cover Pages feature is part of the Website or Commerce plans.

The Cover Pages include the following types:

  • Landing: These pages are perfect for coming soon pages or collecting email addresses.
  • Profile: Used for text-focused personal profile pages or when highlighting imagery.
  • Audio: Highlight audio tracks from a musician or highlight audio tracks when sharing a podcast episode.
  • Video: Used for sharing a trailer, film or another type of video clip.
  • Location: Used for displaying a location.
  • Twitter: Show latest Twitter feeds.

How Do I Access Cover Pages?

Adding a new cover page is simple. Just follow these steps:

1) Go to the Pages menu on the top left:


2) Click the Plus icon and choose the Cover Page option:


3) Once the Cover Page has been created, rename it according your specifications:

CoverPage - 3

4) It’s time to choose your layout and set the other settings, like Branding, Media and Style

To access this page, click the arrow pointing right (as shown in the screenshot on step 3). However, you should be taken to this page automatically after you have renamed your Cover Page.

CoverPage - 4

5) Your Cover Page is now ready. To set it as the first page of your site, follow these steps:

  • Go to Pages view on your account:
  • Click the Gear icon on the right of your Cover Page:
  • Once the Cover Page properties page opens, click the Set as Homepage button at the bottom, and click Confirm when asked:

How Do I Change the Layout of My Cover Pages?

Sometimes you might want to change the layout of your current Cover Page. Fortunately, this is not difficult to do:

1) Go to your Cover Page view by clicking the arrow pointing right:


2) Then, choose the layout setting related to your cover page, and choose the Change Layout button:


3) You can choose the landing page type from the drop-down menu. You can also browse the available landing pages which are related to the chosen type, and pick the one you like.


There are plenty of layouts to choose from, and it’s not practical to go through each of them here. If you want to learn more about the layouts you can use, refer to this Squarespace article for more information.

Accessing the Rest of the Top-Level Settings

I already went ahead of myself in the previous section (How to Access Cover Pages) where I showed you how to set the newly created Cover Page as the default home page of your site.

However, there are other settings on that page, too. So, to get to these settings, follow these steps:

1) Go to Pages view on your account:


2) Click the Gear icon on the right of your Cover Page:


3) Once you are in the Cover Page settings menu, you can see the various settings related to it:


On this page, for example, you can use the Description field for better visibility in search engines. Or, you can duplicate this Cover Page by using the Duplicate Page button. Finally, you can also make these Cover Pages enabled or disabled by clicking the Enabled button.


Cover pages (or landing pages) are an important concept to understand and use. Even if they are “just” one-page websites, they still have an important role in your website.

Squarespace offers plenty of tools to work with landing pages, out of the box. Working with these features is simple, although you might have some digging to do at first to fully wrap your mind around them.

There is one thing, though, and I wanted to bring it up before finishing the article.

When I browsed through Squarespace’s knowledge base articles, on many occasions I saw mentions about the Cover Page plan. 

This plan, however, doesn’t exist anymore. As mentioned, the Cover Pages feature is now part of any website or commerce plan.


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